Summer Meeting Organisers

Meeting Chair - Prof. Sven Rogge (UNSW Sydney)

Meeting Co-Chair - A/Prof. Dane McCamey (UNSW Sydney)

Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

Stream Chair:  Dr Jacinda Ginges (University of Sydney)

Dr Chris Vale (Swinburne University)

Dr Julian Berengut (UNSW Sydney)



Condensed Matter Physics

Stream Co-Chairs: Prof. Sven Rogge and A/Prof. Dane McCamey (UNSW Sydney)



Physics Education

Stream Co-Chairs: Prof. Manju Sharma (University of Sydney) and Dr Elizabeth Angstmann (UNSW Sydney)

Dr Maria Parappilly (Flinders University)

Dr Andrew MacKinnon (The University of Adelaide)

Undergraduate Symposium

Co-ordinators: Dr Dennis Stello and Dr Jan Hamann (UNSW Sydney)

Nuclear, Particle and Plasma Physics

Stream Chair:  A/Prof. Nicole Bell (University of Melbourne)

Dr Martin White (University of Adelaide)

Dr Cédric Simenel (Australian National University)




Women in Physics

Stream Chair: Dr Pegah Massoumi (University of Melbourne)


Astronomy and Space Science

Stream Chair: A/Prof. Sarah Brough (UNSW Sydney)

Prof. Iver Cairns (University of Sydney)

A/Prof. Jonti Horner (University of Southern Queensland)

A/Prof. Graziella Caprarelli (university of South Australia)


Quantum Physics

Stream Chair: Prof. Margaret Reid (Swinburne University of Technology)

Prof. Lloyd Hollenberg (University of Melbourne)

Dr Andre Carvalho (Griffith Universtiy)