The Australian Institute of Physics

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An Annual Affair

The Summer Meeting

Accessible. Affordable. Annual. These ideas motivated the Australian Institute of Physics to add a Summer Meeting to the Australian Physics Calendar. The Summer Meeting, held in alternate years to the AIP congress,  will cover the full spectrum of Physics research, with an emphasis on students and early career researchers.  

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What's the meeting about


The Summer Meeting is designed to allow attendees the flexibility to choose an in-depth series of talks in a particular topic, or to gain a broad overview of Physics research being undertaken in Australia. The following topics will be well represented, but are not intended to exlude other areas of Physics.


Astronomy and Space Sciences

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Quantum Physics

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Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics


Women in Physics


Nuclear, Particle and Plasma Physics



Condensed Matter Physics

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UNSW Sydney, Australia


The Summer Meeting  will be held in the Colombo Theaters at UNSW Sydney.




We've received support from a number of organisations, for which we are grateful. 

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